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2021 Annual Meeting – Proposal Submission Summary Page

The PPE Society 2021 Annual Meeting will be held in New Orleans, October 21-23, 2021.

Our 2021 Keynote Speakers: Elizabeth Anderson and Kaushik Basu.

We welcome submissions addressing anything that falls within the intersection of Philosophy, Politics and Economics, broadly construed.  We are especially seeking sessions that bring together people from different disciplines or with different perspectives to illuminate and address various issues and topics.

Whether you are submitting a full session or panel proposal (with three different speakers) or a single-paper proposal, we are asking for anonymized abstracts for each speaker’s contribution. If you are submitting a single paper, please choose one of the sixteen (16) topics under which your paper most closely aligns. (Session proposals definitely do not need to be related to any of the topics.) The form link is at the bottom of the page.

Although the priority deadline for proposals and submissions is May 1, 2021, we would be grateful for early submissions.  

  • Session Submissions: Sessions should have a coherent theme or focus, but otherwise we welcome proposals for anything you think would be good and appropriate for the PPE Society.  The sessions will each be an hour and fifty minutes, and should have three speakers, leaving each speaker with 20-25 minutes maximum to present while allowing time for questions from the audience.  They might involve a set of shortish talks on a single issue, theme or approach, or be  an author meets critic session (with two critics and the author as speaker), or consist of a panel discussion of a topic of broad interest to members of the PPE Society.
  • Author Meets Critics Submissions: AMC sessions should feature an author’s recent work, two commentators, and a rationale for why discussion of the book should be included in the conference program.
  • Panel Submissions: Panels consist of three speakers not giving separate papers, but carrying on a single connected discussion (i.e. PPE pedagogy, starting a PPE program, etc.). For this category, please submit a single abstract (providing an overview of the discussion panel). Please note that the “Other” option is intended to be a very broad category that can include discussions of substantive issues, current research, or looming problems, that are better address by a discussion among people than a set of presentations.
  • Paper Submissions: if you are not in a position to propose a panel but have a paper you would like to present, you may submit an abstract. The plan for these submissions is to see which among them we might easily put into coherent sessions of three such talks, using our outlined topic categories. 

When it comes to single paper submissions, we have set the form up to coordinate around the following topics:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Democracy, Trust, and Liberalism
  • Finance and Regulation
  • Free Speech and Cancel Culture
  • History of PPE
  • Immigration and National Borders
  • Liberty and Equality
  • Methodology in PPE
  • Partisanship, Echo Chambers, and Polarization
  • PPE and Big Tech
  • PPE and Education
  • PPE and Public Health
  • PPE and the Environment
  • Protest, Political Emotions, and Political Violence
  • Rawls’s A Theory of Justice at 50
  • Women and Work

Still, we welcome submissions on any PPE topic.

*Please note that our plan is to limit people to two (or fewer) appearances on the program as either a speaker or moderator/chair.  At the same time, we place no limit on the number of proposals from an individual, and encourage you to put together sessions comprised of others speaking on (and moderating) PPE topics of interest. Our aim is to maximize the number of presenters, emphasize diverse voices, attract new participants who may not otherwise have joined us, and give our junior colleagues more opportunity to present and engage. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

**Undergraduates may submit proposals. If you are an undergraduate submitting a paper, panel, or session proposal, please include a reference letter from a sponsoring faculty member along with your PDF abstract upload. 

Please use THIS form for your submission.