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Ethics and Public Policy (EPP)

Ethics and Public Policy




  • Promote research on the ethical dimensions of public policy.
  • Improve ethics education for Public Policy/Public Affairs/Public Administration students.
  • Build a community of teachers and researchers.


  • Scholars teaching and conducting research on the normative dimension of public policy.

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Upcoming Workshops (Zoom)

February 16, 2024 10:00am ET Annabelle Lever, Professor, Sciences Po, Permanent Researcher, Centre de Recherches Politiques de Sciences Po

Title: “The Right to Stand, The Right to Vote and the Democratic Value of Elections”


Abstract: Democratic elections are meant to express the political authority and agency of ordinary citizens: people who, despite lacking special virtues, knowledge, or resources, are able, and entitled, to govern themselves. If that is what democracy is, on widely shared premises about its nature and importance, there is something puzzling about the way philosophers, social scientists and citizens talk about it, and think about its practice. Given this picture of democracy we might expect them to be as keen to debate the content and justification of the right to stand as candidates for electoral office, and to serve if selected (‘the right to stand’ for short) as to debate their rights to vote.  Yet while the former gets lots of attention, the right to stand is the neglected step-child of democratic theory. This talk (and paper) aim to rectify that neglect, and the difficulties it poses for efforts to distinguish the democratic value of elections, from their value to oligarchic, technocratic and authoritarian regimes.

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