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PPE Society Local Chapters

The PPE Society Local Chapters are designed for groups of students interested in Philosophy, Politics and Economics as a rigorous, integrated, and interdisciplinary area of study. Benefits of being a Local Chapter of the PPE Society include official recognition, which may help you secure institutional and independent funding; updates regarding PPE-related conferences, events, and other announcements; discount registration for the PPE Society Annual Meeting; and a network of peers to collaborate with and consult.

Would your college or university benefit from a PPE Society Chapter? If so, please complete the form on THIS PAGE to apply for local chapter recognition from the PPE Society. Although you must have an active, institutionally sanctioned organization to be an active chapter of the PPE Society, you may apply for chapter recognition on spec, so to speak, if you are in the process of gaining institutional recognition. If this is the case, please keep us updated as to your status by emailing ppesociety@unc.edu.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Kori Hensell, ppesociety@unc.edu.

We look forward to hearing from you!