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PPE Society Memberships

Membership in The PPE Society is available at no cost and does not expire; we do not require annual renewals. For those who are able and willing to pay for membership when able, though, we have introduced two options: a “Standard Annual Membership” (which is $75) and a “Name-Your-Own Membership Fee” (for which the sky is the limit, but any amount that works for you would be greatly appreciated).

The benefits to you, as a member, remain exactly the same, whether or not you pay a membership fee. We will, however, be using the optional membership fees to support PPE Society programming, including the PPE Society Annual Meeting, and will, in particular, use those fees to provide travel support for those who need it to come. Our hope is that the benefits of paid membership to others will be substantial.

  • Standard Annual Membership – $75.00
  • Name-Your-Own Membership – Contribute any amount you choose.
  • No-cost Membership – If you are not in a position to contribute any amount, that’s no problem! Please fill out our no-cost membership form HERE.

Enter your custom amount below. We greatly appreciate any and all support (financial and otherwise) you can offer to help us “advance PPE at every opportunity.”

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