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  • Joe Tinguely (University of South Dakota)
  • Aaron James (University of California, Irvine)



  • Build a network of scholars across PPE disciplines to promote research on monetary theory and practice
  • Establish a common framework for debate on topics concerning money
  • Host regular (quarterly) virtual meetings and convene in person at annual PPE meeting
  • Generate scholarly presentations, papers, chapters, and manuscripts


  • Scholars from across all PPE disciplines (philosophy, political science, political theory, economics, economic sociology, history and classics)
  • The Money Working Group would endeavor to recruit new members into PPE 
  • Active academic practitioners conducting research on money and monetization across all levels and ranks (including graduate students, post-docs, junior and senior faculty, and independent researchers)
  • Scholars with a foundation in disciplinary methods but willing to engage across disciplinary lines

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Money is a topic that spans philosophy, politics, and economics. Understanding the nature of money theoretically and determining practical policies requires both discipline specific expertise as well as the cross-disciplinary collaboration. The PPE Society is uniquely suited to bring together scholars from across a variety of fields to undertake research and debate on the nature and role of money in modern ethics, politics, and economics.

There is currently a surge of scholarly interest in money—for example, both Palgrave and Oxford have Handbooks on money and finance appearing in 2024. And yet, fundamental questions still remain unanswered, for example, to what extent do sound policy goals require consensus on the history and philosophy of money? In the current state of play, different disciplines appear to operate with different conceptions of money and risk talking past each other, if they talk to each other at all. Despite a common interest, there is a common confusion about monetary theory and practice.

The rationale for this working group is to build a network of scholars across PPE disciplines in order to establish a useful framework for theoretical debate and practical policy. While scholars from different disciplines may remain focused on different aspects of money, it would greatly improve current theory and practice if a broad plurality of scholars were conversant with each other’s notions and interests in money.

The efforts of the money working group would primarily concern building a common framework and network concerning money across PPE-adjacent fields. 

The working group events be directed initially to two primary activities: (1) a “works in progress” series and (2) a “reading group” series.

Upcoming Events: