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Worldwide Student Groups

Across the globe, many campuses are home to incredible PPE programs and student organizations. Many of these groups have become officially recognized partners with the PPE Society by applying with the  the local chapter application form and meeting basic requirements to help ensure that our chapters reflect the inquisitive, inclusive, and intellectually rigorous nature of the PPE Society.

List of Affiliated Student Chapters

Virginia Tech
University of Pennsylvania
UNC-Chapel Hill
University of Stockholm
Universidad Casa Grande
Dallas Baptist University
Kings College London
Boston University
Ohio State University
John Stuart Mill College
University of Pennsylvania

Some campuses have chapters that are not registered with the PPE Society but have impressive groups that we want to showcase as examples of how expansive and influential PPE is on the university campus.

Other, Not Registered, Programs

University of Manchester
Durham PPE Society
La Trobe 
Australia National
London School of Economics
Oxford PPE Society 

If your school has a student group that is a good fit for the PPE Society or if you might be interested in launching one at your institution, contact us at ppesociety@unc.edu

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